Printmaking serves as both technique and visual language to convey issues of identity, passage of time, memory, and communication in my work. Culturally iconic images fuse with my own drawn and photographic sources to create the final print. Likewise, traditional and newer digital technologies combine to add visual and conceptual depth to the prints. In a diverse group of print series exploring family, ethnicity, language, evolution, bioengineering, and my own experience with breast cancer and genetic testing I reveal the past in order to understand its impact on current identity.

Statements about each body of work created since 2004 are included with each gallery in the Portfolio section of this site.

The printmaking community continues to have a tremendous impact on my work. I acknowledge this dialogue through my ongoing participation in national and international print exchange portfolios. My 2011 decision to work as a partner in BOKA reflects my belief in the significant role collaboration can play in an artist’s development. Participation in critical discourse and analysis within an artistic collaborative and also through engagement with the printmaking community nurtures my artistic growth. Printmaking continues to stimulate my passion for creative inquiry.